Lake Roosevelt Adventures


Tips for your Lake Roosevelt Trip


Since Lake Roosevelt Adventures’ houseboats usually depart with several couples or multiple families, we suggest that everyone get together to plan the meal strategy. By dividing the cooking responsibilities amongst your group, you can actually have several days to sit back and be catered to by your friends. Furthermore, Everyone┬ábenefits from the “Keeping up with the Joneses” concept when it comes to the gourmet dinners prepared.

All utensils you need to create your dinner are already in the kitchen, so save the effort of bringing anything from home. Lake Roosevelt Adventures provides table settings for sixteen, but including paper and plastic alternatives is a great idea. This saves on time spent washing dishes, which means more time enjoying your vacation. Sharpie markers are also advised to ID your cup for the week, which saves on waste. Hand towels and soap for the two bathrooms and kitchen ARE NOT provided, so don’t forget to bring what you need.

If you forget anything like butter, water toys or you simply don’t feel like lugging cases of water or beer to the lake, don’t worry, the Marina Store is well stocked and the prices can’t be beat.

Fishing licenses need to be purchased before your trip by visiting the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife Web Site. Licenses are not sold at the marina.

We can’t stress enough… keep it simple! Bring a small duffle bag with a swimsuit (you’ll live in it), beach towel, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, tennis shoes, and a little something for the cooler evening hours. Truly, that’s all you need.

You should bring sleeping bags or queen size sheets, a light blanket, and pillows.