Lake Roosevelt Adventures


Lake Roosevelt Resources

Lake Roosevelt was created in the 1930s thanks to the incredible engineering marvel that is the Grand Coulee Dam.  The Dam is just one of many historical aspects of the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.  That said, we want to familiarize newcomers with a few websites that offer more information about the Lake, activities, recreation, wildlife, fishing, history and preservation.  Lake Roosevelt is simply magnificent.  We strongly encourage you to visit this year!

The National Park Service

The Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area was created with the completion of the Grand Coulee Dam.  Lake Roosevelt has 660 miles of pristine shoreline, much of which is maintained by The National Park Service.  The National Park’s website is a great resource for those interested in learning more about Lake Roosevelt.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

The Lake Roosevelt Forum

The Lake Roosevelt Forum was created to establish a dialog to protect and preserve the quality of environment and enhance the quality of life as they relate to the lake and economies of the region.  To learn more about The Lake Roosevelt Forum, please CLICK HERE.