Lake Roosevelt Adventures



Can I bring my Pet?

For the health and safety of all guests to Lake Roosevelt Adventures, pets are not permitted on or around the houseboats.  Service animals only are welcome to accompany their owners.

Are there any discounts available?

Lake Roosevelt Adventures’ founders come from a long history of military families.  We are proud to offer all Active Duty/Retired personnel a 10% Discount.  (Please note: Discounts are not available for our High Season Vacations.)

Houseboating seems expensive at face value.  How does this vacation compare to Hawaii?

I use the term “Houseboat Economics” when discussing expense related questions.  Houseboating has always been a very social vacation composed of several families or up to seven adult couples. I’d say about 85% of our customers are splitting the cost equally.  So, let looks at our least/most expensive houseboat vacations and what the cost might look like.

Most Expensive:  7-Day Nova Class High Season Vacation

$7895.00 plus tax ($8,502.92).

Apply Houseboat Economics.  $8502.92 / 4 Families = $2,125.73 (7-days)  Not too bad!

Least Expensive:  7-Day Galaxy Class Low Season Vacation

$3595.00 plus tax ($3,871.82)

Apply Houseboat Economics.  $3,871.82 / 4 Families = $967.95 (7-days)  Very Reasonable!

As you can see, once you apply Houseboat Economics (rental fee, food, drink, gas, etc.), houseboating is very competitive with a Hawaiian vacation.  Now you just need to decide.

What is the fuel consumption on the Nova & Galaxy Class Houseboats?

The houseboat has one 140 hp Volvo Penta inboard/outboard engine that burns 4-5 gallons per hour. Each larger houseboat also includes a generator to recharge the boat’s battery system. Typically, you’ll need to run the generator  3-4 hours per day to keep the system charged. When running, the generator burns one gallon per hour.  Because these boats have a single motor, they are very economical to operate. Our customers find beautiful beaches as soon as they leave 7 Bays, so you needn’t travel far if fuel cost is an issue.  Keep “Houseboat Economics” in mind when you’re thinking about the fuel bill.

What is the average fuel cost for a vacation?

The amount of gas used on a trip is hard to average because it depends entirely on how much a group water skis or jet skis, and of course, how far you travel with the houseboat. Newcomers want to see all that they can, whereas repeat customers usually go to their favorite beach, park and hang out for days.  Good News!!  The price of fuel is controlled by the National Park Service, so no price gouging.

Is there fresh water on board?

Yes, 105 gallons for the Novas/Galaxy & 30 for the Explorer Class.  This is for your consumption.  There is a common misconception that this is your shower and dishwashing water.  Wrong!  All other water running in the houseboat is filtered lake water.

Do you need experience or a license to drive these big boats?

Absolutely not! During your pre-departure briefing, one of Lake Roosevelt Adventures’ experienced staff will walk you through everything regarding the lake and the operation of your houseboat. Once the briefing concludes, our staff will drive the boat out into open water offering tips along the way, teach you how to beach the boat properly and happily send you off for your vacation. On the last day, you will use the boat’s marine radio or cell phone to call “Lake Roosevelt Adventures Operations.”  At that time, someone will come out of the marina to pilot the boat to shore. This eliminates any stress of having to operate the boat in tight spaces.

What’s your favorite destination on the lake?

We are frequently asked this question.  Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for on any given day. For sheer awe-inspiring beauty, take an evening drift through Hawk Creek Canyon. To watch the sunset, it’s Halverson Canyon with a good bottle of wine. For fall bear watching,  the beach directly across from 7 Bays Marina on the Colville Reservation. Need warm water?  Then you need to be in the Spokane River Arm.  There are special maps aboard our houseboats calling out great suggestions for folks who have never been out before.

What’s the difference between the Nova and Galaxy Class?

The Nova is about 3 feet longer than the Galaxy in the forward salon creating a more spacious configuration. The staterooms for each boat are the same, but the Nova has central air conditioning throughout the boat while the Galaxy offers air conditioning to the living room only. The Nova is equipped with Flat-screen satellite TV whereas the Galaxy does not include satellite.  The Nova’s bridge deck includes a table and slightly different bar stool configuration.  Both are great, but the Nova Class is newer and a little better in every way imaginable.

What is the best time of year?

What are you looking for? Do you want to save money? Come in early July or the end of August. The weather is great! Do you like 105 degrees? Come during the middle to end of July or early August. Don’t like crowds? Think about our Low “value” season. The busiest time on the lake is the 4th of July, which is great for some. Even at its most hectic, Roosevelt is such a huge body of water that you’ll still have plenty of elbowroom. Lake Roosevelt offers whatever you are looking for, all you have to do is decide and go for it!!

 Who can rent a houseboat?

The Captain must be 25 years old.  Furthermore, the Captain will be required to sign a rental contract upon arrival.  Per our rental policy, we reserve the right to refuse the use of our equipment to anyone if, in our judgment, the renter is not capable of safely operating the vessel, or poses a safety concern to himself/herself, to others, or the vessel. We reserve the right to recall the vessel if it is being operated improperly or unsafely; we will retain all moneys paid as liquidated damages. If your boat has been damaged by a previous renter and it is not available to your group at the reserved time, our damages to you will be limited to a full refund of your fare and deposit.

What does the rental period look like?

You may board your houseboat at 3:00 p.m. on the day of your departure. At this time, we’ll go through a orientation on the operation of the vessel, including beaching.

The boats are due back at the marina by 10:00 AM on your return day. We only have a few hours to prepare them for the next group. Sometimes people are having so much fun they forget what day it is (true story). Accordingly, there will be a $250.00/hour late fee. Thank you for understanding.

Does Lake Roosevelt Adventures offer a early boarding option? (aka: Houseboat Hotel)

Generally, No.  Unlike most houseboat vacation companies, Lake Roosevelt Adventures includes the last night in our rental period. In other words, our weekend vacations are 3-days & 3-nights and our 7-day vacations include the 7th night.   We have found that a majority of our customers come from Western WA.  Considering the 5-6 hour drive, most people found the logistics of the early boarding option difficult, so we eliminated it and added an extra night at the end of your vacation when you can actually enjoy it.  This is better, trust me!

I have decided to book a houseboat vacation, what’s next?

First, Lake Roosevelt Adventures requires our customers to sign a CHARTER RESERVATION AGREEMENT which details our Payment Process and Rental, Cancellation & Pet Policy.  This document needs to be electronically signed within five (5) business days. We also require a Reservation Deposit within five (5) business days.   For vacations priced less than $5000.00, the deposit will be $500.00.  For vacations priced at $5000.00 or more, the deposit will be $1000.00.  Your deposit amount will be contributed towards your first payment which is typically due 6-months prior to your vacation.  Final payment is due 4-months prior.  Simple!  Simple!

Tell me about the Damage deposit.

Lake Roosevelt Adventures requires a damage deposit similar to hotels and rental cars.   Prior to departure, we will place a “hold” on the Captain’s credit card in the amount of $5000.00.  Provided you bring the boat back in the same condition in which it left, the “hold” will be released.

 What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept personal checks and will accept credit cards.  Reservations made less than two months prior to the trip must be paid for with a cashier’s check or credit card.  If you’d like to use a credit card, please call us to make arrangements.

What if I need to cancel my vacation?

Since we have a  relatively short season on Lake Roosevelt, our cancellation policy is a little harsh. Please be sure you are committed to your vacation before you send in the signed Charter Reservation Agreement.

Cancellation five or more days after signing will result in forfeiture of your Reservation Deposit as liquidated damages.

Submission of the First Payment (50%) is required 6 months prior to the start date of your vacation. Cancellation of the trip after this date will result in forfeiture of the Reservation Deposit and the First Payment.

Submission of the Second Payment (50%) is required 4 months prior to the start date of your vacation. Cancellation of the trip after this date will result in forfeiture of the First Payment and the Second Payment.

Is there any chance of a refund?  

Lake Roosevelt Adventures will refund your payment(s) only if your vacation is sold to another customer. This refund will not include the Reservation Deposit.

What if I’m uncomfortable with Lake Roosevelt Adventures’ cancellation policy?

 I highly recommend buying vacation protection insurance.  There are many very reasonable options out there.  We have worked very well with CSA Travel Protection.  A full coverage policy for our most expensive houseboat vacation will cost approximately $630.00.  Don’t forget about Houseboat Economics!  For more information about this valuable insurance, please visit