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Lake Roosevelt

Come and explore Lake Roosevelt’s 660 miles of beautiful shoreline. Lake Roosevelt has been Lake Roosevelt Adventures’ home since 1996. Lake Roosevelt Adventures is centrally located on Lake Roosevelt at the Seven Bays Marina. We have spent more than 20 years at Lake Roosevelt and our marina is a perfect starting point for exploring Lake Roosevelt.

In the 1930s, construction of the Grand Coulee Dam began across the Columbia River giving birth to the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. This Northwest treasure has been welcoming visitors to the 660 miles of pristine shores ever since. The National Park Service, as well as the Colville and Spokane Indians, have done a wonderful job of maintaining the lake’s natural beauty which attracts visitor’s each year.

Wildlife abounds on the shores of Lake Roosevelt. Mule deer, moose, turkeys, coyotes, cougars, big horn sheep, black bears, and raptors are some of the critters you may spot. Bears are especially fun to watch in September when they search the draws for their favorite chokecherries.

Fishing on Lake Roosevelt is legendary. Anglers travel from far and wide for the world-class walleye. Large and small mouth bass, as well as white sturgeon, also ply the tranquil waters.

From the Grand Coulee north to Canada, Lake Roosevelt extends 150 miles offering hundreds of miles of sandy beaches, pine-studded mountains, countless sheltered coves and glassy water perfect for water skiing.

Simply put, this is the greatest lake in the Pacific Northwest!