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Our Marinas

Lake Roosevelt Adventures is proud to operate the Seven Bays Marina and Keller Ferry Marina.  As a concessionaire of the National Park Service, Lake Roosevelt Adventures takes pride in supporting the Visitor Experience on Lake Roosevelt.

Since acquiring the contract to operate Seven Bays in 2005, we have completely remodeled the store, added a new houseboat dock, fuel dock, and pump-out dock. In addition, we replaced the aging pump-out system with a state-of-the-art Keco Pump.  Similar improvements have been made to the Keller Ferry Marina since our acquisition in 2010.  The aging store was remodeled, a Keco Pump-Out System was welcomed, and dock replacement and renovations followed in 2012-13.

Although improvements have been steady over the past seven years, Lake Roosevelt Adventures’ relative short-term contract with the National Park Service warranted a conservative approach to spending.  Well, that reality is officially OVER!  As of October 2013, Lake Roosevelt Adventures was awarded a 15-Year Contract with the NPS.  This long-term agreement will make way for major improvements to begin!  New long-term, covered moorage will be available at Keller Ferry in 2014!  A new store at Keller Ferry is planned for 2014 as well.  Major improvements are also planned for the Campground at Keller Ferry starting in 2015, as well as New docks for Seven Bays in 2015.

Lake Roosevelt Adventures is excited, so please stay tuned!  Our advice: get in while you can, because word is spreading fast and our waiting list is growing longer by the day.