Lake Roosevelt Adventures



Our Fleet

First our Galaxy Class, the houseboat that established Lake Roosevelt Adventures as the leader of the pack.  The 60’ x 16’ Galaxy Class wildly improved upon the designs of yesteryear.  For starters, The Galaxy Class saw the retirement of bunk beds!  That’s right!  All five staterooms in the Galaxy Class feature a Queen-size bed.  Cutting-edge electrical systems and the addition of a massive generator allowed the Galaxy Class to offer creature comforts that weren’t possible in the past.  Traditional Kitchen Appliances, Air-Conditioning, Hot Tub, Fireplace, Surround-Sound TV, Bridge-deck stereo with CD/MP3, and a Dryer are just a few amenities that will enhance your experience on Lake Roosevelt.

The Galaxy Class had proven itself as a great design, but a few years ago, Lake Roosevelt Adventures went back to the drawing board.  We sat down with our friends at Twin Anchors and discussed every inch of the Galaxy Class.  We kept what we loved and improved everything else.  The Nova Class was born out of that conversation and it is truly superior in every way. Lake Roosevelt Adventures  is the only company on Lake Roosevelt to possess this type of houseboat.  Others are similar in size, but that’s where the likeness ends!  The interior of the Nova Class is one of a kind!

The Nova Class measures 62.5’ x 16.0’ and features a forward salon that is essentially a mirror image of the Galaxy.   Considering the added space and new floor plan, the Nova Class offers a larger Table, (4) additional Bar Stools,  larger Sleeper-Sofa, (2) Lounge Chairs, and a larger TV.  Beyond the obvious differences, the Nova Class also features Central AC, Satellite TV, and a Multi-Zone Stereo that includes sound to the beach and bridge deck.  All our Galaxy & Nova Class Houseboats are first class and comfortably sleep 14 people.

Now, what if you’re looking for something just as nice, only smaller.  Well, with everyone else, you’d be out of luck!  In 2010, Lake Roosevelt Adventures decided to address this niche market and the response has been fantastic!

The Explorer Class was developed by Lake Roosevelt Adventures to offer the joy of houseboating on Lake Roosevelt to smaller groups or a single family.  No longer do you need to gather a dozen friends or family members to afford a houseboat vacation! The Explorer Class offers many of the creature comforts our Galaxy and Nova Class, but at a fraction of the cost.  So, if you’re looking for an intimate vacation with your family or close friends, we invite you to reserve a trip this summer aboard Lake Roosevelt Adventures’ newest houseboats: the Explorer Class.